We invite you to stay in touch with us by joining one of our wine clubs. Our entrance club level gives you the opportunity to discover every year all new releases and our most enhanced wine club gives even the right to stay at the winery and join the harvest or other great moments during the year. We hope you will find a program to match your passion!

The full taste Vineyard Club

Excellent wine begins with an exceptional grapes from the vineyard. Every year we only select our finest production for making our own wines. During the year we release 2 times our new vintage, in the spring mainly white and in the autumn mainly red. Our club members will receive a shipment of 6 bottles per annum to discover the new releases. This gives our club members to be the first to taste the new vintage of a variety. After receiving and tasting the new vintage, our club members can order the wine and receive special offers.

The full experience Vineyard Club

Being a full experience vineyard club member, means hard work. Our members do not only receive the 2 annual shipments like the full the taste vineyard members, but also our members can participate in the hole wine growing process. Every year the full experience vineyard club member can stay 2 nights at our Boutique hotel and are able to participate in the pruning, harvest or other wine making process. Moreover our members will receive special offers.

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